Smart System


Smarthome is a home that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building’s functions. For example a smart home may control lighting, temperature, multi-media, security, window and door operations, as well as many other functions.

Smart homes use ‘home automation’ technologies to provide home owners with ‘intelligent’ feedback and information by monitoring many aspects of a home. For example, a smart home’s refrigerator may be able to catalogue its contents, suggest menus, recommend healthy alternatives, and order replacements as food is used up. A smart home might even take care of feeding the cat and watering the plants.

Our Solutions of Smarthome

Home Lighting Automation

Our Smarthome system turns on smart lighting to greet you when you wake up or return home. Expecting company? A single touch sets the perfect party mood. Once you’re ready for bed, double check that all lights are off and security is “on” using your remote, touch panel, personal tablet or phone.

Home Climate Automation

We keeps your home comfortable and energy-smart without a second thought. Intelligent features automatically anticipate your needs for indoor temperatures, managing shades, heating or cooling systems. Remote access also helps you heat and cool more efficiently, turning off systems from your smartphone or tablet if you’ll be away for longer than expected. Finally, We provides a detailed history of your energy consumption, enabling you to monitor usage and make informed decisions without opening a single utility bill.

Multi-Room Audio and Video

We offers virtually limitless options to deliver your content while remaining elegant and effortless to use. Whether you’re selecting different media for each space or playing your favorite rally soundtrack throughout your home, our system makes it easy.

While the movie watchers are immersed in a total home theater experience, your favorite music can fill the family room or the evening news in your study. Multiple TVs can likewise be linked, playing independent content in each room, sharing the same media, or any mix in between. New with Our solutions – group media zones on-the-fly, instantly personalized to your needs.

Home Theater

What’s your ideal theater atmosphere—lights dimmed, shades drawn, and surrounded by perfectly-equalized sound? With Our System, a single touch turns your media room into a total cinematic experience. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Outdoor Entertainment

Taking the party outside? Just bring your Our System remote or mobile device. Friends can take turns controlling the music without having to dash inside.

The same Our solutions that offer intuitive access to endless audio and video options throughout your home seamlessly transition to your outdoor spaces. Pair your system with award-winning speaker solutions from SpeakerCraft or Niles to experience satisfyingly full sound while enjoying the fresh air.

Security & Safety

Securing your home each evening is a snap
With just a single touch of a button. Our Smart System will turn off the lights, ensure the garage is closed, doors are locked, and your security system is activated. With the convenience of remote access, you can receive alerts, arm, or disarm the system from your mobile device—whether you’re at home or a thousand miles away.

Working late?
Our Smart System lets you check in on your kids and even switch on your security system remotely. And if you’re coming home after dark, our smart system keeps you feeling safe by activating an illuminated path from driveway to door.

Intelligent integration
Is the smoke alarm triggered? Our smart system immediately shuts down your HVAC system, minimizing the spread of smoke. While emergency response is being notified, internal and external pathways are lit to help your family exit quickly.

Connect and Communicate

Smarthome Monitoring and Comunication System, Answer your door, accept a package, or let the plumber in even when you’re away. Own a vacation home? Give friends instant access without making the drive. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the kitchen, at the office, or on a tropical island.