Smart System


Niles Audio elevate your home experience. From sepaker to amplifiers to whole-home audio control integrating lighting and climate control, Niles lets you turn your home into an enviable oasis.

Our Products

In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers

Niles audio large In-Ceiling and In-Wall speaker selection means you will have a solution that every need and every design opportunity.

Niles Audio DS7MP
7-inch Left/Center/Right Loudspeaker. Niles DS7MP optimal for distributed audio, background music, and home theater applications.
Niles Audio CM8HD
8-inch Two-Way Ceiling-Mount High-Definition Loudspeaker with Pivoting Tweeter. Niles Audio CM8HD is for advanced home theater application.
Niles Audio HDLCR
Niles Audio HDLCR High Definition, Left/Center/Right Channel In-wall Loudspeaker. For use in multi-chanel music or home theater systems.

Home and Audio Control

Niles Auriel ™ is the simplest way to integrate the smart home control you use most – lighting and climate – into your home audio and entertainment system.

Niles MRC-6430
The MRC-6430 chassis simplifies it all with expandable seven-sources, six-zone audio control, running the Auriel™ 2.1 software.
Niles nTP7
Niles Audio nTP7 is a 7-inch diagonal viewable area LCD touchscreen interface, high sensitive touchscree, mounts into drywall.
Niles Audio nHR2000
The nHR2000 is easily integrated into your installation. It includes 46 hard buttons to make media system operation a breeze.
Niles Audio nKP7
Keypad control is A 7-button, state-of-the-art keypad designed to allow simple control of the MRC-6430 multi-room audio control system.